Tower House

Miniature triangulated site provides possibility for custom developed,personalised urban living in Amsterdam’s Jordaan district. Volume articulation preserves glimpse into layers of time on the location while densifying the historical urban matrix. An old sidewall becomes framed by the new intervention, allowing diagonal views. Each floor of the house has different viewlines, atmosphere and light conditions, and each floor has one program.

This is a wooden house, delivered to your doorstep. An neighbour call t the 'eco-house'...

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— Erik Workel

The house fits like a key into the site, nestled amongst existing buildings while still allowing sun to enter the house from the Southern facade, which forms a three-storey tall atrium

The site itself was occupied by various buildings throughout the last thee hundred years, but ultimately became an empty slit of land near the corner of Willemstraat and the Brouwersgracht

The zinc facade emits light similarly to those of its neighbours, yet looks radically different upon closer inspection.

1:1 testing facade perforation


treasured moment on the building site.