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Pavilion for discussion and escape

Amsterdam, NL, ‘10 - ‘12

architect HL architecture

design team Lada Hršak, Daniëlle Huls, Alexander Mooi

In the Bible, the story of Noah’s Ark culminates on Mount Ararat in Turkey. Arc, a pavilion for dialogue and departure, is inspired by the biblical vessel with its unusual cargo and interesting stories, ready to depart when the waters rise.

Arc is an ideal space for meetings, exhibitions and discussions. It can be located in town or country, in changing landscapes and restless places, wherever time and space are needed for dialogue and explanation, questions and answers. In our current cultural climate many places are in states of transition. They find

themselves caught between their past and their future, on the cusp of transformation.

Arc can be easily transported and reassembled at different locations for different debates at different times. The inner hull contains two podia positioned opposite each other; speaker facing speaker. The deck forms a hidden viewing platform through which light filters down into the structure. Ancillary storage space and a sanitary unit are included as loose cargo. The vessel is constructed of recycled wood, simply and robustly. Arc can form a recognisable beacon for spatial orientation in a world in flux.

| Keizersgracht 126, 1015 CW Amsterdam, Netherlands | T +31 (0)650617836 | E info@ladahrsak.com |