Archive Pavilion

ARCHIVE mirror pavillion is designed as a camouflage pavilion, and as the working place for the contemporary artist. The ‘squared circle’ plan with ‘endless’ archives circumscribes the intimate inner courtyard with a tree, a place to receive guests or reset the thoughts. Split in the facade connects various realities and timespaces.

Clad in warbled mirrors, the structure does not completely disappear, but calls for a second look. Some kind of other reality is promised within, filled only with what the mind chooses to fill it with.

The pavilion circumscribes a courtyard containing a single tree, a space for receiving guests or thinking.

The pavilion circumscribes a courtyard, but also plays withs its image with translucent panels that ring the interior. Natural wood on the interior provides a stark contrast to the camouflage of the mirrored exterior.

Although the interior space forms a single track running around the courtyard, its twists, turns, and height differences make the space feel like a maze. Lined with pegs on one side, and a shelf on the other, there are ample invitations for the artist inhabitant to fill the space with content.


morning mist on the mirror

inner courtyard

inside - outside reflections

The mirror also absorbs the changing weather and sunlight conditions. Dripping condensation, rain, even dirt kicked up by the wind.

Morning condensation satins the mirror surface

plan diagrams