Arrival Lobby

ARRIVAL LOBBY proposes a Special Social Zone in Amsterdam as the nomadic arrival space for various urban migrants empowering the city for inclusive future. Chambers added to the existing tissue provide living/working programe spurring interaction between the newcomers and the current inhabitants. Speculative design developed for the International Social Housing Festival combines experimental typologies with spatial policies to make this plausible.

Allowing companies, universities and institutions to provide opportunities for new arrivals beyond existing restrictions.

Socio-spatial elements or chambres connect to Wittenburg's existing fabric and programme.

garden chambre

— Recent global migration waves have fueled intense debates in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and beyond. Migration is of all age however, and comes in many varieties - nomadic, circulatory, refugee, settler, temporary, and many more. Instead of perceiving it as a problem, being open to varying types of migration could also be highly beneficial to both newly arrived migrants as well as Amsterdam itself.
But how to define an Open City? What resources can make newcomers a dynamic urban class? And how can design help absorbing incoming flows without developing into an economic toy for exploitation?